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Get Started with Cirun by going to

  • Login to

  • Click on Repositories Section on the left.

    Repo Section

  • Install the GitHub Application on the repositories, you would like Cirun.

    Install App

    Install GitHub App

  • Activate Cirun for the repositories where you would like to run Cirun by adding the repository name and clicking on Activate.

    Add repo Activate repo Repo Activated

  • Click on the Cloud section on the left and add credentials for the cloud you want to run GitHub Action runners on.

  • Create a .cirun.yml (please note it's .cirun.yml NOT cirun.yml) in the repository, see Reference docs.

  • Change the runs-on: param in your GitHub Actions workflow file to:

  runs-on: "cirun-label-defined-in-your-.cirun.yml-file--${{ github.run_id }}"
  • Now push anything to the repository, your actions should be running on your Cloud.